Principal 360, powered by CLEF. FULL CIRCLE SUCCESS.

Lead your faith-based school to the next level…

Craft a Compelling Vision – Increase Engagement

Elevate Academics – Grow Enrollment – Attract the Best Teachers

The need to take our faith-based schools to the next level is here. To continually improve academics, to hire the best teachers, to fundraise, market, increase enrollment — to rise.

Do you agree?

Well now, for the first time, faith-based Principals can sharpen every skill necessary to accomplish all these things.

It’s Principal 360.

Membership Highlights

You might be asking, “Why is it different and why is it needed?

The only leadership program for Principals that ensures FULL CIRCLE SUCCESS with every challenge and opportunity in today’s dynamic educational landscape.

Comprehensive and practical — those are the two words that best describe what sets Principal 360 apart.

Every major skill, taught with evidence-based practicality. Culminating in a complete Strategic Plan for your school.

Why is it needed? Because you’re the one they all look to. For everything. You don’t get to pick and choose what you’re good at — you’re expected to be great at it all.

This program will make you great at it all.

The end of flying solo.

Yours has been called the loneliest job in the school. Principal 360 solves that issue a couple of ways:
  • A dedicated Coach who’s with you the whole year. Someone who’s been there, done that, to help you solidify and apply the learning, resulting in a Strategic Plan for your school.
  • You’ll be welcomed into a private community of Principals from around the country who’ve taken or are enrolled in Principal 360 — men and women facing the same challenges. It’s a sounding board, support group and circle of friends, in one.

Are you ready for Full Circle Success?