Supporting Partners

> LCEF-– St. Louis

> Dean and Rosemarie Buntrock

> Clay Buntrock

> J. W. Christopher, LL.D.

> The Christopher Family Foundation

> Concordia Plan Services

> Mr. and Mrs. Karl and Shirley Kreft

> Lutheran Foundation—St. Louis

> Indiana District—LCMS

> Missouri District—LCMS

> Perkins Malo Hunter Foundation

> Church Extension Fund—Michigan

> Dr. Amanda Mulcahy and Dr. Tom Jandris

Participating Schools

Bethesda International Academy
Chicago, IL

St. Paul’s Lutheran School
Concordia, MO

St. Paul Lutheran High School
Concordia, MO

Immanuel Lutheran School
Olivette, MO

Walther Christian Academy
Melrose Park, IL

Concordia Lutheran High School
Fort Wayne, IN

Trinity Lutheran School
Traverse City, MI

St. John’s Lutheran
Lanesville, IN

Trinity Lutheran School
Reese, MI

St. John Fraser
Sterling Heights, MI

St. Michael Lutheran School
Wayne, MI

Holy Cross Lutheran
Fort Wayne, IN

Grace Christian Academy
Chicago, IL 

St. Paul Lutheran School (Dorchester)
Chicago, IL

St. John’s Lutheran School
Chicago, IL

Pilgrim Lutheran School
Chicago, IL

Good Shepherd Christian Academy
Chicago, IL

St. Philip Lutheran School
Chicago, IL

Saint Luke Academy
Chicago, IL

St. Paul Early Childhood Center
Chicago, IL

St. James Lutheran School
Chicago, IL