Comprehensive Full Year Training and Development

Five courses led by acclaimed instructors from across the county via a combination of in-person and online learning culminating in a professional certification. Courses are presented in two-week modules, and together they are designed to develop strong leadership skills and a customized school strategic plan.

Master Class Member Meet-ups

Three in-person Meet-ups provide members with an exclusive opportunity for face-to-face training and development with expert instructors and coaches in a personalized, collaborative environment.

One-on-One Coaching and Strategic Planning

Leadership coaching throughout the entire program supports the application of course content, professional growth, and strategic planning.

Fellowship-Funded Program

Over 80% of the cost is underwritten by Chicagoland Lutheran Educational Foundation and generous Supporting Partners.

Four elements for infinite school benefit.

The Course: A full year, offered via an online learning platform, organized into five blocks. Each block is broken down into two-week modules.


The Coach: Dedicated, personalized, effective. Your Coach has practiced the evidence-based principles of the program and is with you for the duration of the program.

The Community: Your Membership includes three in-person events with other Principals — it’s quality content, perspectives and solutions in an environment specially designed to foster quality professional friendships. It’s the end of flying solo.

The Plan: All through the year, you and your Coach are assembling and perfecting a Strategic Plan to guide your school’s unique demands. It’s the culmination of the program and the true demonstration of its extreme value.

Principal 360 is holistic and wholly more efficient than any other Professional Development program for Principals, ever.  It’s proven, focused, practical and thorough. It’s complete. And completely different.