The people, behind the program, behind you.

Principal 360 is powered by the leaders in education for faith-based educators, CLEF. “Lutheran” is in our name. And faith-based schools are in our blood. We believe in this educational methodology, which we know is facing unprecedented challenges.

It’s been that way since 1993, when a group of Lutheran leaders founded our organization. They’d learned many faith-based schools were at risk of closing due to lack of funds, so they created a plan to keep schools open.

More than a quarter-century later, CLEF is still funding the future of Lutheran education. To date, we’ve contributed more than $30 million toward everything from building repairs and technology to financial assistance for students in need.

And thanks to the generous support of our Board, which underwrites our operating expenses, 100% of donations go toward supporting the schools and the kids.

Our Mission

To empower urban Lutheran schools to deliver innovative, quality education in a Christian environment.

Our Vision

Children in Chicagoland have the opportunity to experience Christ’s love and grace through a high-quality, Christian values-based education, in order to reach their potential and fulfill their vocation.

Our professional development programs and consultative services expand the capacity of our schools to do big things, improving the way they run, and give students, teachers, and administrators the tools to thrive.